Time Slot Booking

Pls use this below Online Form for BOTH Pickups and Drop offs.

NO Multi Combinations Accepted! Speed Limit: 5km/h Walking Speed please.

Self Load / Unload using a Tilt or SideLoader – DRIVER INDUCTION required.

  • Self Load ( No forklift required) – $33.00 inc GST
  • Max 9.5 Ton (Stacker required) – $71.50 inc GST
  • Heavy Containers (FCL)- 9.6 to 25 Ton – $99.00 incl GST
  • Same Day PM Slot – cut off: 13.00
  • AM Slot Cut Off – 15.30 on the Day Prior (Monday to Friday ext. Pub. Holidays)

SelfLoad (Tilt or SideLoader) a Driver Induction is Required. Pls email: admin@containersolutions.com.au to book an Induction. Driver Induction will only take 5min prior to your first Booking, than renewed every 12months. Instructions and Site Map + Terms Conditions and Site Information is below this form. Pease Scroll Down and Read it all. By Clicking the Submit Button to this online form you accept our Terms and Conditions and Site Rules. Thank you for choosing Container Solutions. 0499 566 929

Dear Clients and Contractors,

In order to Bring a Container IN or have a Container Removed from this facility, a Time Slot Booking and your Payment via VISA or MC is Required unless you are an Approved Account Customer. Pls ensure you have all required details otherwise your booking will not be completed.

AM Time Slot – Booking Cut off is 15.30 M-F the day before.

PM Time Slot – – Booking Cut off is 13.00 M-F

Urgent Requests, pls email transport@containersolutions.com.au

Dear External Contractor, when you have a Container to Collect / Drop Off at our 52-60 Market Rd. Brooklyn site, you must Request a Time Slot Booking via this below Form. Please read the below requirements Carefully. M: 0499 566 929

  • Please don’t just Turn Up. You must submit a Time Slot Booking Prior to Arrival.
  • You will need a Release or an Email Conformation in order to remove a container.
  • All Drivers must be Licensed to Drive your Vehicle. Your Vehicle’s Registration and Insurance Must be Current. We may request Insurance CofCs
  • Drivers who may need to Self Load / Unload using a Container SideLoader or a TiltSlide Rigid or Semi, must be first Inducted to this Site.
  • PPE must be worn on site at All times And you must follow OHNS procedures as required.
  • Enter at Own Risk. We accept No Liability for any Personal Injury or Property Damage while Your Vehicle is on our site.

Load / Unload Procedure:

1 – enter via 52-60 Market Rd Gate. this is your Entry and Exit point. Speed Limit 5km / h.

2 – Two Way Traffic. Do look out for oncoming vehicles

3 – For Stacker Load / Unload, pls pull up on your LEFT on the way IN as shown on the Red Area – see map below

4 – Once Loaded / Unloaded, pls carry on to the bottom of the yard, make a U turn and exit the same way you came in. Two Way Traffic, do watch out for oncoming vehicles.


We Thank You for reading this. You can now return to this Time Slot Form above, please complete it and Click ‘Send’. NB: By Clicking ‘Send’, you confirm that you have Read, Understood and Accepted All Site Information and Procedures and that you accept all our Terms and Conditions. Enter at Own Risk. In case of any technical issue, pls call: 0499 566 929. Thank you.

  • No Multi-Combination Units!
  • 52-60 Market Rd. Brooklyn is the Old Tip site on the corner of Somerville Rd and Market Rd. Gate Entrance is on Market Rd, next to Toscana Memorials (no. 32 Market Rd. Brooklyn) where you see Stacked Containers. Plan your pickup/drop off . Failing to do so you will Miss your Slot, you will need to re-book and pay for a New Slot. You may be charged Additional Admin Fee as well.