Containerised Self Storage

Self Storage and Storage of Your Own Container Special Offers:

  • 20GP Self Storage with Walk Up 7 Day Access – from $275.00 pcm.
  • 40GP Self Storage with Drive Up 7 Day Access – from $475.00 pcm.
  • 40HC Self Storage with Drive Up 7 Days Access – from $525.00 pcm.
  • Store Your 20ft Container – from $225.00 pcm.
  • Store Your 40ft Container – from $375.00 pcm

All Advertised Prices on this Page exclude GST.

Please Call 0499 566 929 or email:containers@containersolutions.com.au for a quote.

Long Term and Short Term Shipping Container (full FCL and empty) Storage is available: 

Stacked storage is perfect for long term when you do not need acess. Rest assured your container and its contents are safe above another shipping container. Alternatively, you can rent a Container from us, Load, Stack and Forget. – Easy as 1 2 3…

STACKED Container Storage – Access by Prior Arrangement for an Additional $99.00 Lift Fee. Call 0499 566 929 for more info.

  • STACKED Storage of Your OWN 20ft Container: $220.00 pcm
  • STACKED Storage Your OWN 40ft Container: $330.00 pcm
  • RENTED 20ft Container incl Stacked Storage: $275.00 pcm
  • RENTED 20ft Container incl Stacked Storage: $330.00 pcm

(Access to your Stacked container will require a minimum of 48 hours notice and payment of a $99.00 Access Fee – $99.00 incl GST.)

General Terms and Conditions:

Before You / Your Associate(s) may arrive, each person must complete the https://containersolutions.com.au/time-slots/

Enter at Own Risk – be aware of working Machinery, Trucks, Rough Terrain, Limited Lighting. Unmanned Site – Unless you made an appointment with a Staff Member.

Storage – Store at Your Own Risk. We do not accept any Liability whatsoever for Your Items/Property. You assume responsibility for all Loss and Damage including: All Damage, Theft or Accident. Any Items, Trucks, Cars, Machinery, Contractors 3rd Party etc. you may direct to this site, must enter at Own Risk as our Insurance Policy has Several Exclusions and You / Your Property any 3rd Party Property and Personnel will not be covered. It is unlikely that any Party may be able to seek compensation for any Accident, Injury, Loss or Damage. Aug 2021